Seize new opportunities.
Every day.

As an international e-commerce player, Emesa wants to make the online shopping experience more fun and exciting. With over 100 million visits per year, 3 million satisfied buyers and the fifth consecutive annual award for website of the year, we are the Dutch market leader in dynamic pricing in the leisure and travel sector. Through innovative websites such as VakantieVeilingen and ActievandeDag, we have been creating new sales channels for our business partners since 2004. Thanks to the variety of propositions on different e-commerce platforms, we are able to achieve large volumes and offer exclusive deals.

By working hard and delivering high quality, our 200 employees enable us to seize new opportunities every day. We are continually developing new e-commerce platforms and propositions to make the online buying experience more exciting. Our goal is to continuously surprise our consumers with better offers and to provide our partners with more business opportunities.


Buyers become winners

With an average of 7 million visits a month, VakantieVeilingen is market leader in leisure and travel deals through online auctions. We daily offer thousands of live auctions. Fun, inspiration and playing to win are important values for VakantieVeilingen. Our auctions range from days out to summer holidays and from musicals to wellness resorts. Consumers simply decide how much money they want to spend and place a bid on our website or app. In 2015 alone, over 5 million people went away using VakantieVeilingen. Since May 2015, the brand has also been operating in Belgium.

Our numbers:

3,200,000 Newsletter subscribers
7,000,000 Visits a month
420,000 ‘Auction of the day’ subscribers
2,400,000 Winners
2,500,000 App downloads
450,000 Facebook fans



Smart deals & quick results

ActievandeDag (DealoftheDay) daily surprises its visitors with the best travel and leisure deals. These deals have a fixed price and are available for limited time only. Because of this limited availability, new offers appear every day. On ActievandeDag consumers find competitively priced holidays, tickets for zoos and theme parks, hotel stays, products and much more.  ActievandeDag operates in the Netherlands and Belgium and with 2.4 million visits a month it is a powerful, ever-growing competitor in the online deals market.

Our numbers:

1,900,000 Newsletter subscribers
2,400,000 Visits a month
39,000 Facebook fans



Premium deals for members only

Let’s Bid is one of Emesa’s latest brands. Let’s bid daily selects surprising and premium deals for members only. Members place one bid, based on what they think the deal is worth.

Let’s Bid negotiates a competitive deal price with the supplier. If your bid is higher than the final deal price, you will receive the deal for the negotiated price.

Better business for smarter brands

At Emesa we know how to surprise our customers and how to convince them to buy their next deal. Together we make this happen 24/7, and we love doing this.

We test, adjust and optimise our concepts for as long as it takes to find the ideal match between partner and buyer. Whether we are working with major brands and large stocks, or with small brands with a specific deal, we always strive for optimal results.
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What we do for partners


  • Offer customised solutions to maximise yield
  • Manage volume and prices on all our websites


  • Provide insights into target audiences, needs, locations and more
  • Provide insights into consumer behaviour and marketing trends
  • Offer business insights


  • Develop concepts to generate new business
  • Create branded content
  • Develop marketing propositions


  • Offer a full-service online marketing platform
  • Increase marketing reach
  • Offer our expertise in online ticketing and reservation systems
  • Manage the complete, financial processing of online purchases

Our partners

Working at Emesa:
The thrill of inventing something new every day

Working at Emesa is fun and exciting. We have the absolute top talent in e-commerce on board. Our company exists of both experienced and upcoming talents within e-commerce. Each of our employees love to create new concepts every single day. Our market is highly competitive, and this requires an entrepreneurial spirit and the ability to find smart, innovative solutions to new challenges.

One of our key values is ‘Play to win’, and at Emesa we play to win together. We have several initiatives that highlight this mentality (see below). Do you want to work in a challenging environment where, as part of a team of professionals, you get to deliver a top performance every day?

Job vacancies

We are always moving forward, growing and discovering new things, with employees who are just as motivated. We believe in achieving results together. We love to do things our own way, not just because we are a little quirky, but mainly because our employees know best what is needed. The Emesa Academy plays an important role in development and personal growth of our employees. Whether they want to develop their management skills, improve their Excel knowledge or learn how to effectively give a commercial B2B pitch, the Emesa Academy offers guidance to all employees.

Innovation and entrepeneurship are core values for Emesa. Therefore, we have Emesa Labs: where most creative ideas take shape. During our recurring Hackathons employees get the chance to experiment and turn ideas into prototypes. Creating prototypes varies from programming to teamwork, competition and a lot more. The best prototypes are actually implemented on our platforms.

Working out with colleagues is healthy, fun and contributes to the productivity and collegiality within the office. Through the Emesa Health club, our employees can participate in a weekly sport program with professional guidance. For example bootcamp, kickboxing, running and yoga. Combined with fresh and healthy nutrition from our canteen and daily fruit, we are able to deliver a top performance every single day.